“Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul.”
Ed Abbey

It is time to get: Active For Animals

In May 2019, a report was published which confirmed that the second biggest contributor to the extinction crisis is trade.

If it is about trade, then it is about consumers and so it is about us. COVID-19 has provided a stark wakeup call that our relationship with animals and the natural world needs to change.

Active For Animals mission is to

uncover and share how if people change their behavior this can make a real difference for animals.

Our main focus is demand reduction, with targeted projects to trigger consumer behavior change. But we are also committed to education and awareness raising, to ensure that future generations become conscious consumers and trade is no longer driving the extinction of wildlife.

The Cause

The demand for illegal and endangered wildlife needs an ever greater focus.  Active for Animals work addresses the desire for wildlife, with our key
focus being to collapse the demand for rhino horn driving the current rhino poaching crisis.

While our campaigns incorporate awareness-raising and education, our key focus is demand reduction. In such instances, when there is
limited time for awareness raising and education, strategies are needed to drive more rapid behavior change.

The Problem

What We Do

Our Projects

Extinction isn’t happening on my watch.

Sometimes we can feel a little overwhelmed by the complexity of the issues we see facing the natural world. The only decision we need to make is not to leave it to someone else to fix. Active For Animals’ mission is to support people of all generations, skills and experiences to take visible action for wildlife.

Find out how you can get active for animals by following the link below.