Trip to Washington DC was a huge success!

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What a great week in Washington DC.  Please see below for a few photos and a description of why we went to Washington DC and how you can help. Dear Friends of Active for Animals, As many of you know, I recently completed a successful week of meetings in Washington DC. And I am excited to let you know that we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to implement a solution that will protect 40,000 of the most endangered wild species around the world, and for years to come. The Meetings in Washington DC! It was an amazing four days (Oct 23-27) in DC. The weather was amazing. I have included a few photos [...]

Transparency Matters

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Sometimes we can feel a little overwhelmed by the problems facing wildlife and the environment. It is clear from the daily news that the way we are trending isn’t great and it is all too easy to get caught up in our day-to-day lives, in the hope that someone else will solve these challenges. I became involved in helping endangered animals after reading an article about the widespread poaching of rhinos that was occurring in Africa. While still working full time I decided I needed to do something, basically I needed to get Active for Animals. So I created an organization of the same name! Most of my working life, has been involved in monitoring data, sales data, [...]

The King of the Jungle Belongs In The Jungle (Or Savannas & Grasslands)

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Every year, on August 10, World Lion Day casts a spotlight on these awe-inspiring animals, highlighting their significance and rallying the global community to protect their existence. Dan Campbell wanted a live Lion on the sideline As a sports fan, I am an avid reader of sports news so I didn’t miss the recent news buzz about the head coach of the Detroit Lions commenting that he had asked the team’s owner and the NFL if he could have an actual Lion. As the team’s pet he wanted it to show up for practice and be on the sidelines for games, saying he would parade it around on a large chain and take good care of it. Thankfully the NFL [...]

Our 2022 Annual Report Is Available

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First, a huge thank you for supporting and donating to Active for Animals in our first couple of years of operation. Certainly launching a new charity during a pandemic was a challenge. With your support and donations we have already hit some of our goals for wildlife. We have a lot planned which we will keep you informed about. For those wanting to get more active for wildlife, check out our projects such as One Small Step or My Wildlife Challenge James Dunton, Founder Active for Animals With this launch mailout, I would like to link you to Active for Animals Annual Report 2022. The report provides an overview of our achievements to-date and the plans for 2023. As a reminder, Active for Animals’ Mission is to inspire [...]

Thinking about the mascots on Super Bowl Sunday.

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Three best words in sports: Super. Bowl. Sunday. But before you settle in for the game let's consider team mascots. For many teams their mascot is regarded as a vital part of the team’s identity. From Eagles to Blue Jays or Lions to Seahawks teams love their mascot; and most importantly so do their fans. Sports marketing experts say that a mascot helps give a team character, personality and a face; they also make it easier to create an emotional connection with their fan base. Some teams choose to be represented by a local, native animal to drum up a sense of local pride. For other teams, it is their mascots characteristics of status, strength, power that instil the energy [...]

Who are the Jaguars? And why they need our help.

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This weekend marks the divisional round playoff games in the NFL and each game will be watched by an average of over 30 million viewers.  Almost double the amount of a regular season game.  The Jacksonville Jaguars visit the Kansas City Chiefs.  With so much visibility on the game, it is an ideal time to highlight rarely discussed information about the Jacksonville Jaguar mascot: namely the real living Jaguars, Panthera onca .  In real life they are big beautiful animals.  They symbolize speed, quickness and strength.  Unfortunately, they also represent an endangered species of the big cat family who is struggling to survive.  Please take a moment to learn about these majestic animals and find out what you can do [...]

My Wildlife Challenge 2023 is live!!!

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Started the year off right with a donation to @MyWildlifeChallenge. Was able to play golf with my sister Krista and her son Grady down in Hilton Head, South Carolina. I set a target of $50 per birdie and I ended up with two birdies.  Krista is a teaching golf professional so I was also able to pick up some good tips.  Grady is her 13 year old son who out drove me on several occasions.  But it was a great day.  And I am excited to start the year with a donation to my favorite charity.  Nature Needs More and Active for Animals have big plans for the year to help effect the biodiversity loss we are seeing around the [...]

2021 Annual Report is available.

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Dear Wildlife Champions, 2022 ends our full second year of Active for Animals.  As I am sure you can relate, this has been a crazy year.  We all seem to be having our hands full with our own unique challenges.  But the work to help make the world a better place for wildlife goes on.  I wanted to share my 2021 annual report  with you as we get ready to move into the new year. My involvement in conservation started in 2016 when I first learned about how Rhinos are killed just for their horns and sold on the black market to businessmen in Southeast Asia. It turns out that changed my life.  How could this be happening?  How could [...]

Birthday Challenge for Wildlife

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It’s my birthday and I am making a #birthdaywishforwildlife which is that you make a small donation of a #giftforwildlife to help me celebrate my special day. Just a month ago, one of the most special places, Yellowstone National Park, turned 150 years old! While the land has been around for millions of years, the region now known as Yellowstone National Park was formally protected by the United States Government in 1872, becoming the world’s first National Park. I am really proud that this is a part of US history and at the same time we have to accept that we have lost our way somewhat in protecting wildlife and the natural world. The UN has made it clear that [...]

Belt Up For Wildlife

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As an avid golfer, I watch a fair bit of golf on TV especially in the middle of Winter. I am always inspired by watching the best players in the world, golf their ball around magnificent golf courses. And, I am not alone in following this group; last year 9.5 million viewers tuned into the final round of the Masters tournament. I suppose what I am saying is that the professional men and women golfers have a huge ability to influence. This influence isn’t restricted to their golf skills but also their latest fashion/performance attire. Golfers, like all other athletes, know that looking good and feeling good helps them to play their best. Recently, I have found myself distracted by [...]

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