Dear Friends of the Rhino,

After having to cancel the 2020 event due to the pandemic, I am excited to announce that the 2nd annual World Games for Wildlife is underway.  We started this year on July 1, 2021 and we are continuing on until the end of the year. Thank you to those who have contributed so far. After starting Active for Animals last year, we have collaborated with two other wildlife conservation charities to launch WGFW 2021. Please visit the websites below to learn more about the great work being done.

World Games for Wildlife 2021

Active for Animals

Nature Needs More

Save African Rhino Foundation

I am writing to ask you this year to participate in the Games themselves.  That involves setting up an account and then creating your own page, and choosing your activity.  Trust me you will have fun. For example, it could be a round of golf, a long run, a long walk, swimming laps, cycling etc.  If you are feeling bold, you can also choose to invite friends and family to join and sponsor your efforts.  See Cameron Murray’s page who played Paddle Tennis for 10 Straight Hours!!! Bottom line is to take at least one small step forward for endangered animals.  Get active for a great cause.


I have talked with some of you and I understand there may be some hesitancy based on whether it is possible to slow down the rapid extinction of so many animal species.


Well here is what I know. I know that the money that is donated and/or raised all goes directly into programs that have been effective in helping save the endangered animals we have focused on.  One of the biggest areas we have been focusing on this year is working with countries around the world to adopt an electronic permitting system to monitor legal wildlife trade.  Believe it or not there isn’t one in place now which in large part is how wildlife traffickers are able to move illegal wildlife body parts around the world. Creating an electronic permitting system will effectively close down this distribution system to traffickers. We are also continuing to run demand reduction programs in Vietnam to help stop the purchase of Rhino horn.

I also believe that we all need to get involved to help put a stop to the human behaviors that are causing such a rapid decline of the world’s wildlife. We have lost over 60% of species in the past 50 years. And there is mounting evidence that impending loss of biodiversity will affect the planet in harsher ways than either climate change or air pollution.


Many of you receiving this email are past donors and contributors, and you have been the core group of supporters over the years.  And I greatly appreciate it.  This year, we have several initiatives underway to grow the numbers of supporters and participants in these games. But we still need your help.


Thanks again for your support and involvement.  If you have questions, concerns or suggestions I would love to hear from you.

Here is a summary of ways to get involved:

1. Create your Activity. Click on and create an account and create your own page.  Make a donation as part of the event you are completing in support of wildlife. You can also invite others to donate to your efforts as well.

2. For Golfers! If you are a golfer, join my page, and the next time you play golf commit to donating a certain amount for eagles, birdies and pars. I do $100 for an eagle, $50 for a birdie, $10 for a par. Here is the link to my Go Low for Wildlife. You can see how Dave Moody joined my event.

3. Straight Donation. If you can’t create your own event this year but still want to support our efforts you can click on my page (or support any of the other participants’ pages) and make a donation to my ‘Go Low for Wildlife’ efforts.

4. Facebook INTERESTED. If you aren’t ready to donate but still want to get involved please click on ‘Interested’ in the Facebook Event Page, World Games for Wildlife Event This will provide you with updates on our progress.

Thanks again for all your help and support. Hope to hear from you or see you on the WGFW Page!!!

Best regards,