Three best words in sports: Super. Bowl. Sunday. But before you settle in for the game let’s consider team mascots. For many teams their mascot is regarded as a vital part of the team’s identity. From Eagles to Blue Jays or Lions to Seahawks teams love their mascot; and most importantly so do their fans.

Sports marketing experts say that a mascot helps give a team character, personality and a face; they also make it easier to create an emotional connection with their fan base. Some teams choose to be represented by a local, native animal to drum up a sense of local pride. For
other teams, it is their mascots characteristics of status, strength, power that instil the energy to win into their games.

The word mascot; comes from the French term mascotte; meaning lucky charm. But life is not so lucky for many mascots. From unsustainable trade to poaching to climate change and habitat loss, mascots such as tigers, sharks, lions and rhinos are not living a charmed life. Imagine if every team around the world named after wildlife, from the Philadelphia Eagles to the Detroit Tigers or Australia’s Richmond Tigers, decided to support the team wildlife challenge!

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